The Nature of the Future

I share my paintings and sculptures in clay that portray my artwork through realistic and abstract forms of nature interacting in a world of gold, silver leaf, watercolor and mixed media. It spills over to my ceramics with deconstructed faces of the moon (bowls , plates, cups and jars) and abstract work that resemble future fossils and planetary visions in color and black and white on clay. My work can be functional for everyday life, but it also touches the heart and mind.

Science Fiction, surrealism and a love of nature drives my art to pursue the imagined results of what life might look like in a future world. Emotions touched with an existential philosophy guide the feelings and generates conversation of what the future could be, a question we all have.

Future fossils and anthropomorphic forms combine together and live on a world where the moon is the source of the energy and power and it bears witness to the world.

Terry’s Exhibition CVS


Mash Gallery, Los Angeles Nature Worship, Bowl and Rocks, Rock Flasks,

Coagula Curatoria, Los Angeles Moon Pottery for the Wall: "Which Bitch are You"


Launch LA- Los Angeles, Holiday Boutique- December                                                            

CAFAM- Handmade in LA2017- November                                                         

Eye Bowls and Mouth Bowls-  Dulce Polloza at the Neutra Museum                

MOAH/ Ceda, Lancaster, California Red Dragon in Metal Leaf        June   

Lunatopia- MOAH exhibition: Movers and Makers February

       Exhibition of moon bowls, plates, teapots, moon cups, cups  (Cover Picture)                                                    


The Butterfly Goddess- Ceramic Mask-  Third Place, MOAH/Cedar                 June  

The Gold Bug-metal leaf, watercolor and ink-  MOAH/Cedar Honorable Mention                  

Old Woman Moon Bowl-  publish in Niji Magazine/London November


MOAH/Cedar , Lancaster, California Lunation- Moon Pottery May        

exhibition of moon bowls and moon cups with masks


Carlos- Portrait of a Student-          Published -ROKOKO Art Magazine               

Buffalo Stampede   Juried Show @ Lancaster Museum of Art and History                  


Unicorn at the Beach               Honorable Mention, Lilac Festival                   

The Unicorn- watercolor                         Best of Show, Antelope Valley Fair            


Hot Air Balloons-  acrylics                          First Place, Antelope Valley Fair            

Professional Development Workshops


Professional Artist Development WorkShop at DonkeyMill Art Center, Juried into workshop for selection of artists       

Since 2010 I have been in several blog posts and even a Russian Magazine authored by Lisa Koschwitz Salerno, who is a well-known author for many blog posts and magazines.

I have a following on many social media platforms as well.