I tell stories with my art of magical worlds lit only by a moon. This moon has a human face that is a witness to this dark world lit only by the moon’s light and stars. As it looks down on the planet it sees only pinpoints of light from the people living there. An eye, a mouth, and sometimes a face all filled with emotions of joy, sadness, disgust, pain, peacefulness, and sorrow. Lunation is the phases(which I call faces) of the moon, and Lunatopia is the name of this habitation of a future world.

In this world are rocks of future fossils that have patterns on the surface from the past. They lay in the deserts, by the mountains and the shoreline and are pulled to and fro by the tides. The people on this planet have morphed into creatures that are part bug part being, an evolution has occurred and the silvery light has gathered onto them. Even the small creatures scurry under the light of this anthropomorphic moon. They are bathed in white from the only witness that they can connect to, the moon.


I was brought up in the desert, it was a place being used for aeronautics and suburban sprawl. It was a time when growing up outside was possible and I was left to my imagination. I fell in love with art through books, art history, and wondering in the desert where I collected bones, junk, unusual rocks and an occasional lizard. My parents would take us on a ride or camp out to the beach where my scavenging continued by the seashore. There, I collected seashells, beach rocks, junk, drift wood and an occasional sand crab, (so different from the desert!) The starry night and bright full moon of the desert and the seashore held my gaze at night as I wondered at the astronomical feat of how they floated in the sky. I was amazed by nature in all its forms.

My plan is to make you smile, laugh and have a merry time with my art. My goal is that somehow I touch your heart, or even your soul with the emotion that my art conveys. I love to laugh, but I have dark humor.

Forever watching and enjoying the many expressions of faces is at once comforting, a smile says everything, and so horrifying as a scream in the night, "why does she look so sad, happy, worried, crazy?"

And a rock can tell the story of peoples past, and what past will our future hold? This is told in future fossils of my own creation. Rocks that loved to be held and wondered about. What past that this future fossil holds only time will tell.

The darkness of space and what may be out there moves my imagination and desire to know how it all works and how we all fit into this crazy life. I want to say to you that you are not alone with your emotions. There is a connection to us all, and it’s by gazing up to that big rock in the sky called the moon. It is our witness to the past and to the future.

Even the dark is lit by the moon. Of course, we have some dark moments, but who can't but smile when we dance with a skeleton by the light of the moon.


The Nature of the Future

A study of the way the past directs the future. Science Fiction, surrealism and a love of nature drives my art to pursue the imagined results of what life might look like in a future world. A realm that is a mixture of what the past has done for future life.

Future fossils and anthropomorphic forms combine together and live on a world where the moon is a source of energy and power. It bears witness to the world’s history.

I fulfill my desire to draw and paint with my need to play in clay...

Terry’s Exhibition CVS


Mash Gallery, Los Angeles Nature Worship, Bowl and Rocks, Rock Flasks,

Coagula Curatoria, Los Angeles Moon Pottery for the Wall: "Which Bitch are You"


Launch LA- Los Angeles, Holiday Boutique- December                                                            

CAFAM- Handmade in LA2017- November                                                         

Eye Bowls and Mouth Bowls-  Dulce Polloza at the Neutra Museum On going               

MOAH/ Ceda, Lancaster, California Red Dragon in Metal Leaf        June   

Lunatopia- MOAH exhibition: Movers and Makers February

       Exhibition of moon bowls, plates, teapots, moon cups, cups  (Cover Picture)                                                    


The Butterfly Goddess- Ceramic Mask-  Third Place, MOAH/Cedar                 June  

The Gold Bug-metal leaf, watercolor and ink-  MOAH/Cedar Honorable Mention                  

Old Woman Moon Bowl-  publish in Niji Magazine/London November


MOAH/Cedar , Lancaster, California Lunation- Moon Pottery May        

exhibition of moon bowls and moon cups with masks


Carlos- Portrait of a Student            Published in ROKOKO Art Magazine               

Buffalo Stampede   Juried Show @ Lancaster Museum of Art and History                  


Unicorn at the Beach                        Honorable Mention, Lilac Festival                   

The Unicorn- watercolor                         Best of Show, Antelope Valley Fair            


Hot Air Balloons-  acrylics                          First Place, Antelope Valley Fair            

Professional Development Workshops


Professional Artist Development WorkShop at DonkeyMill Art Center, Juried into workshop for selection of artists       

Since 2010 I have been in several blog posts and even a Russian Magazine authored by Lisa Koschwitz Salerno, who is a well-known author for many blog posts and magazines.

I have a following on many social media platforms as well.