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Another website down,

Now I know how to make three differnt websites with certain templates, I will have to start learning code pretty soon. :-)

I have used

A pretty nice website maker but with limited templates and fonts. The price is right if you don’t mind looking like most the websites on this site. The owner has a blog and Facebook page where he advertises the artist that use his site. 


Then there is wix: 

I loved it at first, then the glitches started to happen that were very hard to fix. You can be so creative making your website here, though. The first time price for the year is half off which is what got me to try this site out. If you set up an online business you can use their Newsletter app to send out emails. I really liked that feature. It was easier than the mail chimp app. But after a year, I moved on. The price was too high and the glitches were too frustrating. If you don’t get too fancy it works well, but still, the price for people like me who have a very small business in art, it just didn’t work.


Now I use Squarespace. The price of a personal account is nice and you can sell a few items with the online business templates and it is secure. So, for now, this is my go to website.  

It is fairly easy to use, has lots of features and I can personalize it pretty good to make it stand out. You can also set up your Instagram page to give viewers an inside look to your shop and what you’re up to in your travels and art events.  

Not sure how many items I can post for sale, but I am working on that.


Creature Vase in Porcelain



Blowing you kisses.  

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