Terry is a California-based artist that combines her skills as a production potter with her talent as a visual 2D artist.  With her unique perspective that is reflected in her work, the experience of having a piece of her work makes you comfortable and also     in awe as the piece is at once, beautiful, and most times,  functional. 


Ms. Cervantes' professional background includes having a Bachelors Degree in Art with an emphasis in Illustration, and many years as a potter as well as a visual art teacher.


  Her inspiration is Asian, Native American, Surrealism, and all things Mother Nature provides. She focuses on the person who will use the product and how the experience can be enhanced.


I am an Artist and Potter, I combine my love for painting and drawing with my need to play in clay. 


Now, Terry is also including her paintings and drawings. Inspired by nature and the human condition, her desire is to communicate the nature of humans by using faces or parts of faces, bugs, plant life and animals to convey their moods.


Remember, when you see a god or goddess, ask yourself, which one are you, which one is your soulmate. Pick the one that suits you best!



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