Terry is a California-based artist that combines her skills as a production potter with her talent as a visual 2D artist.  With her unique perspective that is reflected in her work, the experience of having one of the artworks, whether it is the pottery or a painting, is a story about the human condition that adds enrichment to your life.

Ms. Cervantes' professional background includes having a Bachelors Degree in Art with an emphasis in Illustration, and many years as a potter as well as a visual art and pottery teacher in the Los Angeles County Jail System.


I tell stories. I draw from my imagination and real life to create a story that congers up the emotions and feelings of people.


I use pottery, the shape of the pot, it’s function and detailed drawings of faces, eyes, nose and mouths to tell the story, a story that is about a moment in time that is now frozen for you, the viewer, to contemplate, and for me to share with you about my ideas of the nature of human life. 

 This body of work is about moons, faces, eyes, mouths, noses and creatures. It is a story I call Lunation. The moon changes, his face is either happy, sad, contemplative, whimsical or disgruntled. The humans with their emotions portrayed in an eye, or a nose and mouth, are looking out at the moon and reflecting his moods. The creatures leap and seem come to life, all shining in white, in the moonlight. It is often functional ware in the form of cups, bowls, dishes, plates, teapots, and so much more. I call it moon pottery.

I am an Artist and Potter, I combine my love for painting and drawing with my need to play in clay.

Now Terry's paintings are added to give you the depth of her artwork, always experimenting, always finding ways to tell you a story in a most unusual way that leaves you in awe, smiling and wanting more.







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