The Fly on the Wall, Watercolor Painting of an Insect, Pen and Ink Detail

The Fly on the Wall, Watercolor Painting of an Insect, Pen and Ink Detail


Do you know what a fly on the wall can hear? This beautiful watercolor painting of an Insect can be a show stopper for company in your house.

14.75” x 11.25 with the frame

11 x 14 matted with a 1 inch black frame. The artwork is on 80 lb watercolor paper, watercolor pen and ink. The artwork itself is 7 inches x 10 inches.

This is an original painting of a fly enlarged and detailed. Double matted with a gold and black mat, it is framed in a simple black wooden frame. Signed by the wing, this is an exclusive work of art that I do because of my fascination with bugs. Unlike my pottery, painting and drawing is a passion that involves my research about the the fantastical and the macrabre

“The human reaction to insects is neither purely biological nor simply cultural. And no one reacts to insects with indifference. Insects frighten, disgust and fascinate us. Researching the nature of anxiety and phobia, I explore the lively debate about how much of our fear of insects can be attributed to ancestral predisposition for our own survival and how much is learned through individual experience.” an excerpt of John Lockwood’s book review of “The Infested Mind” and other books and pictures have spurred me on to create more insects in the future.

I am fascinated with the idea that the macabre can also be beautiful as well as disgusting through only our own invention. I try to give you this sense of mystery and inclusiveness that we can tolerate and even enjoy the beauty of an insect.

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