Rock Flasks, Handmade Flasks made in Porcelain

Rock Flasks, Handmade Flasks made in Porcelain

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These Rock Flasks are wonderfully unique, some can even fit in your pocket. The medium and small flasks can be ideal for easy traveling. You will be the envy of your friends, because they will want one, too!

Inspired by the sea, these sometimes resemble beach rocks found on the shore, handmade in porcleain.

They are first made with a slab and shaped to resemble a rock, then fired once, called a bisque, fire, then painted with underglazes, the inside is glazed with a food safe glossy glaze, then fired again at a high porcelain temperature. The sizes givenare approximate as I make all rock flasks different to create a unique one of a kind piece. Just like rocks, no two are alike.

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